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Important of website | 7 benefits for your business


so how important of website? your potential customer spend most of their time on the internet. your niche market could be for buying product, looking a better service to solve their problem, even searching funny stuff to entertaining themselves

there are few reason for business owner should consider have a website, for attract free traffic, Convert traffic to subscriber, sales conversion

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Video explain why business should have website by Google Search Central

In 2021, some data company articles have also reported that there are about 1.1 billion websites in the world, and the number of websites built with WordPress is about 450 million.

Here we share the 7 reasons why our website is important for business

#1 Website will be visited by customers 24 hours a day

Before the emergence of e-commerce websites, the business of traditional brick-and-mortar stores that are not in business hours rarely get sales, but the rent of the storefront is calculated 24 hours a day, no matter how much the area is the same

When PayPal appeared in the world, customers could pay merchants online, which led to a series of business opportunities that became much richer.

Once a website is officially launched, customers can browse the open content of your website and even pay for products directly online by entering the correct URL in the web browser.

Although this is nothing new to modern people, this technological advancement has significantly changed the consumption pattern of the market

#2 Trust in unfamiliar markets

For unfamiliar markets, an official website is the best way to demonstrate a company’s credibility, and the ability to view information about a company’s products and services at your fingertips can leave a good impression on potential customers.

Even in the real world, when exchanging business cards, it is reasonable for the other party to see that the business card has an official website; on the contrary, if a company’s business card only has some social media links without an official website, I believe many people will find it very problematic.

#3 Official message release

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of going out to dinner with friends, only to find that the restaurant is not open when you arrive. If the restaurant can properly put the opening hours online, I believe we as customers can avoid such disappointment!

Another serious point is that although social media is convenient for posting information, there are also many risks, for example, “people with a heart” can easily create accounts to impersonate the company to post messages, and by the time the official comes out to clarify, many customers have already suffered!

#4 Marketing and sales functions

Internet marketing, because there is a website to perform SEO optimization, so it is easier to get free traffic, although some content creation platforms can also do to expose content information, in the destination of the flow of priority is to choose the company’s website

Logically, online users who can leave the original website or platform to enter the company website are of higher quality, that is, it must be some part of the information on the website that attracts potential customers to come.

Even though it is common for advertising platforms to provide advertising objectives such as traffic-based advertising, and conversion-based advertising is also designed for the website

The conversion target is the online activity that includes the sale of goods and the completion of transactions online.

#5 The cost of investing in a website is not high

The cost of setting up a website today is much cheaper than it was in 2000 (20 years ago), especially for display websites, which can be made for a few hundred RM.

Although websites with more advanced features such as e-commerce websites, online classroom websites, list collection mechanisms, online reservation systems, landing page systems, synchronized CRM, security system tools, etc. are much more expensive, the price remains around RM10,000, to be frank.

The main reason is that the options for setting up a website have increased. Previously, many websites required program engineers, artists, and marketing departments to discuss and coordinate before they could start; now with the open-source WordPress platform, the cost of setting up a complete website has become much lower.

#6 Potential for business growth important of website

When there was no Internet, if you want to do business across the region, you need to bring a lot of belongings to the destination, even just to participate in a theme exhibition activities also need to invest a lot of money

However, by using a website as a base and attracting potential customers to the website through online advertising, a series of marketing or sales activities can be triggered.

Because online exposure can transcend geographical restrictions, these years of live sales are the most prominent example of Internet sales, live is to attract traffic, while online transactions or will use the full drought of e-commerce functions

#7 Website is an asset

A website can also be traded as an asset like the current platform, reselling business when the site’s traffic, registered users, etc. can be included in the estimate

Because of this, many website companies also invest part of their time to build “niche websites” to attract traffic in the market and then sell them to related industries or new companies after a period of operation.


Unless the business you intend to run is short-term (less than 1 year) or the capital you have on hand cannot invest even a few hundred RM, it would be more reasonable to prepare a website for your company as early as possible.

Especially if you want to find customers in the online world, a website is already an indispensable tool for online sales and marketing.

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